Our systems are custom built to your technical specifications, using the most robust, high-performance, name-brand components available.

From servers to management and clinical workstations, we configure and assemble every system to match your practice’s needs and preferences, creating the best fit for your practice.

Erickson customers always get more for their money on the newest technology.

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Our support services offer you a wide range of options to choose from, including by phone, online via LiveNet™ where we control your desktop, or directly on-site. We can help you decide which is the best level of support based on our evaluations and your anticipated needs – from extreme hands-on help 24/7, to the rare occasion when a question arises.


Controlling your digital back-up process is good insurance and peace of mind should you ever experience a loss of data. Our exclusive DentaVault™ back-up system encrypts and stores your data on a LocalVault at your site and at our secure Tier-III rated data center as well. Unlike other services DentaVault™ is completely automated and requires no staff effort, which saves time and money. Additionally, we monitor the status of your backup daily and proactively resolve any issues giving you the confidence to focus on your practice instead of worrying about your data.

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Security for your patient privacy, as well as the continuity of your practice should be a high level concern. At Erickson, we take security very seriously. You can rely on our expertise for the latest security equipment and the knowledge of your systems precisely – creating a tightly secured environment for you and your patients.

We have worked with Erickson Technologies for a number of years, I can't tell you how lucky we are to be working together with them. They are so good about fixing things remotely or if that does not work are usually here within 24 hours or sooner!!

J.F., Dentist