Erickson Dental Technologies provides custom-built hardware to fit your exact specifications. We give dental practices the right tools to streamline operations and grow effectively through industry-leading brands and high-performance systems. From servers to computers,we configure and assemble every system to meet your needs. Discover how our hardware solutions can help your practice today.

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We offer a wide range of IT support solutions to give your dental practice the hands-on care it deserves. Our team connects with you on your terms, whether by phone or in-person. Through decades of experience, our team will work with you to determine the best level of support and how to achieve your goals. We offer incredibly transparent solutions and 24/7 support to keep your practice running efficiently.


Keep all of your data protected through secure encrypted backups. Our proprietary DentaVault backup gives dental practices peace of mind that your data is safe. Our systems offer automated backups that are remotely monitored by our team to ensure that your data is protected. Discover how our off-site Tier-III data center, local encryption redundancy, and daily monitoring can protect your dental practice today.

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Take a proactive approach to patient and data security through our managed security services. From preventing breaches and strengthening your network security to implementing HIPAA safeguards and encrypting emails, our team keeps your practice safe and secure. Discover how our team can help your dental practice with the latest technologies and network security systems today.

We have worked with Erickson Technologies for a number of years, I can't tell you how lucky we are to be working together with them. They are so good about fixing things remotely or if that does not work are usually here within 24 hours or sooner!!

J.F., Dentist