Dental IT Support

Discover accessible dental IT support backed by 30+ years of specialized experience to empower your practice and provide actionable solutions for improved workflow.

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Custom Dental Managed IT Services 

Take advantage of our managed services with upfront monthly pricing and no surprise charges for the dental IT support you deserve. We offer a one-stop shop with 30 second average hold times, remote capabilities, and in-person solutions to ensure seamless dental IT support.


  • Transparent and responsive dental IT services 
  • Knowledgeable and experienced dental IT professionals
  • Competitive pricing and customized solutions 
  • Solutions built around HIPAA compliancy  
  • Remote monitoring, online support, and in-person teams
  • Repairs, integrations, troubleshooting, and more 

+500 dental practices supported

+43 skilled experts on board

+15k dental systems installed or serviced

+ 5k digital x-ray configurations completed

+ 23k inbound calls fielded last year

Help Desk

Explore how our help desk can boost practice productivity with 30 second average hold times and specialized dental IT support.

Computer Repair

Take advantage of skilled in-person dental computer support to integrate dental technology and fix issues relating to existing equipment.


Combine software programs efficiently and never fall behind on critical software updates and implementations.

Digital X-Ray

Integrate digital x-ray equipment without disrupting existing systems and applications.

Intra-Oral Camera

Solve intra-oral camera functionality issues for increased productivity so that you can focus on patient care.

Remote Access

We support over 15,000+ systems through remote access to provide support as if we were in the operatory with you.

"We switched to Erickson Tech last year from a larger company for our office IT needs and we are very happy with our decision. All of the techs we've had come out to our office have been respectful and competent. Personal, professional service."

M. Thompson



Accessible Help Desk

Make Erickson your first call regarding your dental technology. We offer unmatched dental experience, and our support team is renowned throughout the industry for superior service. Service response time is incredibly important to our organization because we know that your practice’s production depends on fast and reliable dental IT support, and so does our reputation.


Dental Computer Support

Professional and in-person dental computer support is crucial. We house skilled and expert technicians who can solve your unique challenges and fix computer components of virtually any kind. Whether purchased from our team or another supplier, Erickson extends the life and value of your existing computing investment by repairing technology devices in your practice. Make the most out of what you already own with the help of our dental computer support today.


Software Support

Stay up to date with software versions, integrations, and the never-ending cycle of updates to improve productivity and eliminate downtime. From clinical applications to practice management software and beyond, our technology support experts are experienced in integrating software programs for dental practices to optimize workflow. Elevate your patient experience and employee satisfaction with software support from Erickson.




Digital X-Ray

Integrate digital radiography systems with confidence with the help of our digital x-ray support specialists. Implementing new technologies can cause a myriad of problems without proper preparation or extensive knowledge of your existing infrastructure. Our team can help install, network, and integrate digital x-ray technology with your current landscape to ensure seamless functionality. We’ve performed thousands of digital x-ray configurations over the years, and we’re here to help make your dental practices compatible.


Intra-Oral Cameras

Stop playing the blame game with various vendors regarding your intra-oral camera images. We’ve helped countless customers solve unique image challenges and oral camera functionality concerns so that they can focus on patient care. In an increasingly visual and technology-centric industry, your images should work for you, not against you. Whether you have problems, concerns, or simply don’t know where to turn, our dental office IT support solutions can help.



Remote Access

It’s our mission to provide a support experience that feels consistent regardless of how a practice engages with our team. We pair this with our practice of photographing every piece of technology in your office to give our technicians and support staff a first-hand look at being in your office.