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One stop shop with 30 second hold times and in person support.

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Help Desk

We tell our customers with confidence to make Erickson their first call regarding any piece of technology within their practice. With an extensive knowledge base due to our unmatched experience within the dental industry, our support team offers a one stop shop for all IT related issues. Last year we fielded over 23,000 inbound calls and kept our average hold time under 30 seconds, which is unheard of in any industry. Service response time is extremely important to us because we know that your practice production depends on it and so does our reputation.


Computer Repair

We understand the importance of professional, in-person IT support. Our technicians are experts when it comes to fixing computer components of virtually any kind. Whether purchased from us or another supplier, Erickson will help extend the life and value in your existing investment by repairing the technology devices you have in your practice, making the most of what you already own.



Advancements in software development occur all the time. It is a never ending cycle of updates that catapult your practice forward in productivity. We work with all the major programs, from practice management software to clinical applications. However, our real expertise is knowing what combination of software programs will work best for your unique environment and then implementing this combination to improve your workflow and patient experience.




Digital X-Ray

When purchasing a digital radiography system, it is important to know how it will affect your current environment. Implementing a new piece of technology can be very disruptive to your workflow if it cannot be supported by your existing systems and applications. No matter where you purchase your digital radiography system, Erickson should be your choice to install, network and integrate it with your current technology landscape. We have performed thousands of Digital X-Ray configurations and it is imperative to involve us early on in these decisions as many practices will frequently install new 3D systems and find them useless because the rest of their technology is not compatible.


Intra-Oral Cameras

How much of your time is spent sitting on hold as you trouble shoot the oral cameras in your office and listen to the blame game between your various IT vendors as to why you cannot take images? Let Erickson bridge this gap so that you can get back to focusing on patient care. With over 700 customers there is no problem that we have not already solved for, we have mastered the methods of making oral cameras function properly.



Remote Access

In order to best service our customers we believe that our support experience should feel the same regardless of how a practice chooses to engage us. That is why we partner with Team Viewer for remote access to your systems. More businesses rely on Team Viewer than any other clientless remote software for support. Pair this with our best practice to photograph every piece of technology in your office as visual aids for our technicians and our phone support feels as if we are in the operatory with you. Erickson currently supports over 8,000 systems with Team Viewer.