Dental IT Solutions

Comprehensive dental IT solutions and support built around improving workflow, safeguarding data, and providing peace of mind backed by 30+ years of experience.

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Custom Solutions and Affordable Support

We offer all-inclusive support with fixed upfront pricing. Our team manages your dental IT solutions, hardware implementations, data security, and backups so that you can focus on patient care. 


  • Transparent and responsive services
  • Knowledgeable and experienced dental IT resources
  • Competitive pricing and customized solutions
  • HIPAA compliant dental IT services
  • Remote monitoring, online support, and in-person teams


What is Dental IT? 

In short, dental IT is a way for practices to minimize office downtime and IT-related issues while protecting their office from costly security vulnerabilities. From supportive hardware systems that make life easier to cutting-edge software integrations and implementations that optimize workflow, dedicated dental IT services allow your practice to excel. 


Why Choose a Dedicated Dental IT Team?  

You might be wondering what makes dental IT different than conventional IT solutions. Well, the main ingredient is specialization. Dental practices have unique IT objectives, challenges, and solutions that require a knowledgeable IT and support team. 


How Can I Reduce Business Downtime From Technology Concerns & Threats? 

Our managed IT support services give dental practices the tools and resources to keep operations moving through proactive strategies. We anticipate problems, define challenges, and eliminate guesswork by continuously monitoring your systems of possible cyber threats. Managed services offer the ultimate insurance for preventing business downtime. 


What’s the Best Way to Guarantee Network Security? 

While there’s no guarantee when it comes to network security, there are plenty of ways your dental practice can protect itself from security concerns. The most important line of defense is your firewall protection. We provide industry-leading firewall security as your frontline against breaches and threats. Additionally, we provide professional-grade antivirus protection for all of your workstations. Our team integrates, manages, and updates your network security software to ensure the latest protection. From antivirus and ransomware to web security, spam, and data protection, Erickson has you covered. 


Why Does My Dental Practice Need IT Support? 

Modern dental practices rely heavily on innovative technologies. When questions arise or IT-related equipment doesn’t work correctly, you need a knowledgeable and responsive team by your side. Whether it’s computer repair or software updates and integrations, a dental IT team can help. It’s also crucial to know how new implementations like digital X-Ray equipment may impact existing systems. Specialized dental IT support teams can help you manage new installations and integrations with your current technology landscape. 


Can You Help With Intra-Oral Cameras? 

Absolutely! We’ve helped hundreds of valued dental customers solve crucial problems with their oral cameras so that they can focus on patient care. Spending hours on hold or dealing with intra-oral camera headaches can create unnecessary stoppages within your practice. Our experienced support teams can help ensure that your equipment works properly. 


What Type of Hardware Can You Provide For My Practice? 

The right dental IT hardware can make a world of difference. Customized computing systems, reliable server management, and clinical workstations that fit your practice are essential. Low voltage, voice data, and audio-visual cabling can also be personalized to fit your unique specifications. Hardware isn’t always limited to computing and network systems. Industry-standard scanners can help transfer paper documents into cloud systems. Ergonomic mounts can create a visually pleasing environment that simultaneously allows you to provide better care.