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Dental Hardware Systems & Integrations

We provide cutting-edge dental computer systems, peripheral technologies, mounting hardware, and intelligent cabling systems to boost productivity and optimize workflow. Take advantage of our state-of-the-art equipment, strategic planning, integration expertise, and installation for your dental hardware.

  • Custom built computer systems, servers, and peripherals
  • Knowledgeable and skillful hardware planning
  • Experienced installation technicians
  • Mounting solutions from trusted manufacturers
  • Reliable low voltage, voice data, and audiovisual cabling made simple

Dental Computers 

Gain access to custom-built dental computers that fit your practices needs.



Create synergy with your dental hardware by integrating peripheral dental office technologies.


Design an ergonomic dental environment while saving space with affordable mounting systems. 



We’ll build an intelligent blueprint and implement simple, clean, and discreet smart cabling systems.

"We switched to Erickson Tech last year from a larger company for our office IT needs and we are very happy with our decision. All of the techs we've had come out to our office have been respectful and competent. Personal, professional service."

M. Thompson

Our Dental Hardware Solutions



Dental Computer Systems

Having the right dental hardware can often make or break a practice. Our computer system specialists assemble and configure each computer to match your unique practice management software and imaging software needs. From clinical workstations to server management technology, we offer custom-built systems using the most high-performance components available.


Peripheral Dental Hardware

Your practice relies on many other pieces of equipment outside of dental computers to manage patients, conduct care, and optimize day-to-day productivity. Our dental hardware team can help guide you with these additional technologies such as scanners, signature pads, front desk cameras, printers, and more. Integrate quality equipment seamlessly throughout your practice with the help of Erickson Dental Technologies.




Save space and create an ergonomic working environment for optimal patient care with high-quality mounting hardware. We’ll guide you towards the right option for your practice’s unique workflow. We are a preferred vendor for multiple mounting manufacturers, allowing us to provide you with the best selection at a competitive price point. Enjoy maximum flexibility for viewing treatment plans, educating patients, and entertainment with our wide range of mounts.





Integrate a wide range of technology into your practice with confidence by implementing proper cabling. Without strategic planning, thoughtful implementation and integration, you risk hindering computer systems or rendering them useless. Through decades of experience, we’ve developed best practices for low voltage, and audiovisual cabling that functions best for each dental landscape. Discover how we can help you create an intelligent blueprint for simple, clean, and unobtrusive cabling.