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Managed Services

Our Managed IT Support is the most thorough and detailed way to assure your continued dental practice productivity and avoid business downtime. Managed Support is completely proactive rather than reactive. Your systems are constantly monitored by us. Anticipating issues, removing the guess work, and defining and solving challenges before they occur. For the ultimate insurance in preventing a breakdown in your workflow, Managed Support is the preferred choice of a smooth running practice.



Email Encryption

Encrypting patient health information in transit is an import industry security standard. Microsoft is hands down the leader in business email security and we have partnered with them to provide practices Azure Rights Management. This solution delivers a comprehensive policy-based enterprise solution to encrypt your valuable information, no matter whom you share it with.



Network Security

The firewall is the most vital piece of security for your network. It is the first line of defense against outside cyber threats to your practice. Knowing this, we partner with WatchGuard for firewall security. WatchGuard is the market leader when it comes to protecting networks. Their modular architecture is based on its Fireware operating system, which runs full versions of the industry’s leading third-party scanning engines. This offers best-of-breed security at every price point, and with maximum flexibility to meet the changing threat landscape.




For antivirus software we have partnered with Trend Micro to provide business grade security to all of our practices. We deploy Trend Micro Antivirus on every workstation we support and manage updates from our data center to ensure that all systems have the latest protection. Trend is the #1 global content security for small business and provides the highest level of ransomware, antivirus, spam, web security and data protection. Last year we thwarted over 13 million ransomware viruses with Trend Micro.





HIPAA Safeguards

Due to the inherent vagueness in the HIPAA security standards, there are a lot of misconceptions in the dental industry. Many third party IT vendors use scare tactics to drive revenue for their business by creating fear around the gray areas in HIPAA. At Erickson we take a teamwork approach to HIPAA, and firmly believe in working with your practice to develop the best security plan for you based on your budget and practice size. The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services is very clear when it states that HIPAA Technical Safeguards will vary based on each covered entity’s size and capabilities, the costs of specific security measures, and the operational impact. On that principle, we will guide your practice to full HIPAA compliancy.