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7 Tech Decisions for New Dental Practices

7 tech decisions for new dental practices

If you’re starting a new dental practice, all the technology options might overwhelm you. With so many different computer systems and phone lines, it is hard to know where to start. We’ve put together a list of top technology and tech security considerations for any new dental office.

1. Choosing the Right Computers

The first thing to consider when choosing a computer is the size of your new dental practice. Is it a one-room office, or do you have multiple offices with several employees? The number of computers and technology needed will depend on how many people are working in your new dental office and their roles, but also keep in mind any special software you might need for specific tasks.

Another factor worth considering is what type of computer hardware will the staff members often use. You can choose between workstations or laptops. Desktop setups may be more suitable technology if your dental practice would rather have a better processing power than a laptop.

On the other hand, laptops may be preferable for a new dental office because of its mobility. If all employees work primarily at home or have a mixed work schedule, and they are logged into one central server located elsewhere, then investing solely in laptops could save time by limiting power usage costs associated with running desktop computers.

2. In-House Server or Cloud-based Software

Another critical decision to make when starting a new dental practice is whether to use an in-house server or cloud-based software. In-house servers are hardware devices that store your data and allow you to work on it locally, so everything’s on a computer in your location.

Cloud-based software is stored somewhere on the internet, accessible through an app or website. This means that all your information is accessible from any device with Internet access.

How do you decide which technology fits best for your new dental office? It’s a balance of how much storage space and processing power you need.

3. Choosing the Right Phone Systemchoosing the right phone system

VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol may be the right choice if you are a new dental office looking to improve the technology of your phone system and help more patients. A VoIP phone system can give your new dental practice the ability to provide better communication service while saving time and money.

A dental office that uses a VoIP phone system may enhance client engagement by allowing them to use integrated calling features from their computer or mobile device.

With a VoIP phone system, patients can call and make appointments, get directions to your office, ask questions about their bills, and more. You also need to communicate with other staff members in the new dental office. All these things should be easy for patients and employees, so choosing the right phone system as part of your technology decisions is very important.

4. How to Protect Files and Patient Data

Protecting your files and patient data is the most important technology decision in a new dental practice. As you get started, it’s important to consider security, such as encryption, backup options, and firewall activation.

Encryption is a recommended way for your new dental office to protect sensitive information like patient records and financial details. Encryption keeps data safe from hackers trying to steal it or crash servers and protects against natural disasters like fires or floods that could damage physical storage devices such as hard drives or discs.

Backups are another important security consideration for protecting your files from harm—even if they’re not encrypted. If someone steals or loses their laptop or if there’s some other kind of hardware failure, regular backups will help ensure that all those hours spent creating quality work won’t be lost when disaster strikes again later on down the road.

Activation of a firewall protects against unauthorized access attempts by malicious software like viruses and malware. As a security measure, make sure that your office’s staff members know how to use their firewalls properly so that they don’t accidentally allow an attack while trying to connect remotely with one another via VPN.

Our team of skilled dental IT professionals at Erickson can assist you and your new dental practice in achieving high data security based on HIPAA compliance, encryption, antivirus software, firewalls, and data backup.

5. Proper Cabling Solution

When it comes to cabling and other technology, there are many options. When choosing a cabling system for your new dental office, the most important thing is to consider both speed and reliability.

6. Choosing the Best Internet Service

The first step in choosing an internet service for your new dental practice is to determine what speed you need. Most practices use a reasonably standard speed of 25 Mbps or more, but some require more bandwidth than others.

For example, if you have several dentists with offices in different locations or if your staff members regularly move around the office with wireless devices, you may require a higher-speed connection of 200 Mbps or more than many small practices.

Next, it’s important to consider the price and reliability. The cost of high-speed internet service can vary widely based on location; check out our guide to comparing Internet providers in your area before making final technology decisions about which company to use for your new dental office.

Finally, consider how reliable the service is: if it goes down even once during an appointment or treatment, it could be enough to lose your patient’s trust forever—and they’ll tell all their friends too.

7. Patient Entertainment

If you’re looking for a way to keep your patients entertained while they wait in your new dental practice, consider using technology as a kind of entertainment for patients. Entertainment systems can also help with any dental anxiety a patient might be feeling.

You can even offer them a TV in their treatment rooms of your new dental office, so they don’t get bored. Or, if you want something more interactive than just a TV in each room, try out using apps on a phone or tablet. Apps allow users to play games or listen to music while waiting for their appointment time.

Let Erickson Dental Technologies Be Your New Dental IT Providerdental technologies be your new dental it provider

There are a lot of choices when it comes to technology decisions for your new dental practices, but the most important one you can make is to connect with a reputable dental IT provider. At Erickson Dental Technologies, you’ll receive the best dental IT services and support for your new dental office.

For over 30 years, we have offered cutting-edge IT solutions and support services to dental practices. Our team of knowledgeable IT specialists with experience in dental software systems provides high-quality services and makes appropriate technology and security decisions for your dental office.

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