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Tips For Improving Your Patient Entertainment Setup

Tips For Improving Patient Entertainment Setup

When designing your dental practice, one of the key considerations should be the patient entertainment setup. Since people have a hard time making themselves go to a dentist appointment, you want to make the experience as pleasant as possible.

Here at Erickson Dental Technologies, we’ve helped countless dental practices set up their patient entertainment systems.we’re trusted dental IT experts that offer optimal solutions at reasonable rates. Consider these options to create the perfect environment to facilitate patient comfort and convenience.

Ceiling Mounted TVs

A ceiling TV offers the perfect vantage point for when patients are lying back in a chair waiting to get their teeth examined. You’ll want a TV directly above the patient’s chair and in front of the client for when they sit back up. It’s a welcome distraction for those that are nervous about visiting the dental office.

Difficult procedures can be even more of a challenge if your patients are tense, anxious, or scared. A television is one effective means of relaxing and distracting them while they undergo intensive procedures.

#1. 6’Clock Ceiling TV Setup

A 6’clock TV uses a mirror to allow patients to watch a television that’s mounted on the wall behind them. You’ll need a duplicator, and you’ll have to pair and repair your machines as necessary.

The benefit of using a 6’clock setup is that the patient can watch the TV when they’re upright, or when you have them reclined back for intensive dental work.

#2. Noise-Canceling Headphones

Invest in quality pairs of noise-canceling headphones that will mute unpleasant dental the patient drift into their own world of entertainment. You don’t necessarily need the most expensive headphones, but you’ll want headphones that are easily replaceable in case they get broken or stolen.

Whether your headphones are battery-operated or rechargeable, you’ll want to ensure that they are ready for patient use. Consider keeping subtitles on to make the viewing experience more enjoyable.

#3. Bluetooth Audio Transmitter (Low Latency)

Getting a low latency Bluetooth audio transmitter is critical because you want minimal delay when processing data. This feature ensures that the sound from the TV matches what the patient hears in the headphones. The transmitter will be hidden behind the ceiling television for a clean and functional aesthetic.

#4. Media Control Center

If you want the patient to have the autonomy to choose different movies and shows, consider a Fire Stick or Roku Stick. Both have numerous channels, apps, and voice control options. Just be sure that you have high speed internet access to keep up with your media needs. Investing in high speeds helps mitigate buffering and entertainment system hiccups that rely on streaming services. You’ll know it’s time to upgrade your internet if your computers are slow or you have long load times for media programs.

#5. Basic 32″ TV

expensive smart TVs

When it comes to your ceiling TV, the most important aspect is dependability. It should get the job done, so you don’t necessarily need many features or expensive smart TVs: that’s what the media center is for.

Consider going bigger for the second TV that mirrors the ceiling TV, because you can also use it to display X-rays, test results, and imaging to patients. Dental hygienists and patients alike can benefit from a 50″ screen that serves two purposes in one: entertainment and information.

Digital-Themed Dental Office for Children

Family-friendly dental offices serve a lot of children. Consider adding a digitally-themed section to your office or making the office as a whole more colorful, with whimsical seating arrangements and more. This practice is called theming, using digital wall murals, artwork, and more to create a specific environment that kids can relax in.

Some practices may choose to put gaming consoles with a selection of popular video games that children can enjoy while they wait, helping them relax. One example that younger kids in particular seem to love is digital murals of their favorite Disney characters.

Additionally, you can choose to decorate a few rooms of the practice so that they are ideally suited to children only. This may be a Little Mermaid room with the same color scheme, characters on the wall, a seashell chair, and a TV that plays the movies on a loop. They’ll fall in love!

If you do go digital, you may want to invest in a quality VPN or a remote access network for greater control over your technology. Also, if you go digital, make sure you have the right IT support to benefit your dental operations.

Media Mounts

Some dental practices have a TV in the waiting room, and then provide tablets once the patient enters the private exam room. It’s a great alternative to mounting TVs. Just make sure you have a mount on the light above the chair so that they can bring up their favorite show, movie, or book to get a welcome distraction as they await the check-up or procedure.

All Patient Entertainment Setup Options

Final Thoughts

At Erickson Dental Technologies, we offer customized support for all patient entertainment setup options, and you can trust our expertise in IT solutions to help you avoid common mistakes. Our goal is to help keep your patients comfortable while in your hands by using the latest technological advances and devices that fit your budget and your vision for the office. 

For more information on creating a comfortable and relaxed environment for your patients, contact us today for a free assessment.