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The Importance of Proper Cable Planning and Management

proper cable planning and management

Dental offices use cable management to manage and organize business cabling. This is how your network cabling connects to your server room cabinet, racks, or other important equipment.

The importance of cable management cannot be overemphasized. It is critical for the operation of your business network. Let’s look at some of the factors that make cable management efficient, so you can better understand its importance for a dental office.

Ease of Use

A high-quality cable management system is a great investment for dental offices because it gives you and your staff easy access to the cables and the devices they are connected to.

It may confuse your team which cables are connected to each device if they are tangled or unorganized. This can cause a decrease in efficiency and make simple tasks such as swapping a hard drive take much longer than necessary.


Safety is the main benefit of cable management. Anybody using a computer to connect to or reconfigure network connections will be concerned about a dangerous spaghetti bowl of cables dangling from racks and floors. Tangled cables can ignite or overheat and cause a fire. Cable management is essential to reduce injury and property damage.

Floor cord covers, wire guides, or cable loom tubing are all necessary for safe cable management. These covers protect cables that have to cross floors. They also gather cables within tubes or under desks and separate them. This allows for easy identification of cables as they pass from the ports connecting to hardware up, down, across cabinets, racks, and opposite ends.

Professionalismprofessionalism cable planning and management

Whether you’re a dental startup manager or an employee, tidiness and order are essential, as these are standards of professionalism. Clients may be turned off by unorganized components, rigs, or equipment with messy, dusty cables.

Cable management will help you organize your cables efficiently and make your office space uphold standards of professionalism.

Good cable management also makes it easy to clean your cables and space. Cleaning your cables of dust and other pathogens helps keep your dental practice safe.

Improved Airflow

Network equipment is usually organized in racks or enclosures. They are often located inside a server room, network closet, or server room. The power and heat from the network equipment can cause these racks or enclosures to get very hot. The equipment may fail or be permanently damaged if the heat is too high.

Airflow and cooling systems are used to cool the racks, enclosures, and the room. The cooling or airflow system is useless if the enclosure or rack cables block the airflow passageways.

The accumulation of cables twisted, coiled, or piled up around network equipment can lead to “air damming” or stagnation or hot air around the network components. This can create many problems for your network.

Network Infrastructure Adaptability

Good cable management practices make expanding and upgrading data centers and other network environments easier. Before installing their first Ethernet cable, or any piece of hardware, network designers must create and map the network infrastructure.

Structured cabling systems allow for future reconfiguration. Copper or fiber optic cable patch cables are required for increasing network capacity or accommodating repurposed spaces. These cables can be run vertically, under floors, on walls between floors, and horizontally within ceilings.

The best cable management will make installing patch cables to connect new hardware to existing networks easier and faster. A new connection can be made in minutes if it is organized, labeled, and color-coded.

From planning to installation, network infrastructure architects recognize the importance and necessity of good cable management. The exact types of cable management accessories used in any installation will vary depending upon the size and complexity of the data center.

All aspects of network management include terminations, switches, racks, cabinets, and racking. Some installations combine horizontal and vertical cable management. They deploy bars, clips, racking, and cabling guides along floors and ceilings.


The first step is to test the data transfer cable to troubleshoot an electronic device. This will ensure that it’s still in good working condition. This simple task is more difficult if many (or even hundreds) of cables are in disarray.

Datacenter cable management is important because it allows you to swap cables quickly, access cables you need, troubleshoot and fix hardware, and perform basic tasks.

Product Life

Unorganized cables are more susceptible to failure than cables held in guides, ties hangers, or mounts. Even the most sturdy cables can suffer from repetitive pulling, tugging, and detangling. Twisting, coiling, or bending can reduce a cable’s life expectancy. Good cable management can keep cables straight, bend them when necessary, and minimize heat damage to copper cables.

Avoiding or Reducing Downtime and Outages

A key reason for cable management success is to minimize downtime. This is particularly true when people work to add capacity, expand capacity, or repair existing systems.

Technicians can unplug and connect cables only when required to perform the task with effective cable management. Troubleshooting cables that are not in order may require “troubleshooting” steps. This involves determining what cable is being plugged into before work can start.

Because you often pay by the hour and all that unplugging and plugging can cause expensive downtime/outages, organized cables are necessary for any data center environment.

Turn to Erickson Dental Technologies for Proper Cable Managementerickson dental technologies for proper cable management

Cable management is a great way to improve your plans, whether creating a new network, upgrading an existing one, or planning for future expansion. Cable management makes things easier and more efficient. This includes equipment ventilation, power management, and access for tracing and troubleshooting.

They can prevent downtime, injuries, or even life-threatening fires. They not only allow your office to uphold standards of professionalism, but they also increase the efficiency and life span of your network cables. To improve the network infrastructure of a business, they should be aware of proper cable management.

If you are looking to create proper cable management, get in touch with Erickson Dental Technologies to help you with setup.